Character Tombstones – for your Deadly OSR Games

​The Devil’s Brand can be a  capriciously lethal game – especially for the foolhardy, the unlucky, and those unprepared for the merciless nature of old school gaming.

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  • Stand out in the open in the midst of a gunfight? Deadly.
  • ​Recklessly charge a large man wielding a heavy mattock with murderous intent? ​Deadly.
  • Have your gang pick a fight with another gang who outnumbers you? ​Deadly.

Yet, it’s right and proper to remember your fallen outlaw comrades, which is why I’ve created these character tombstones to track PC deaths.

This way, the table will always remember the time Grizzly Tooth Thompson picked that drunken fight with the 2,000lb. buffalo… ​and lost.

The character tombstones are printed two per 8.5 x 11″ page – perfect for when the body count starts to climb. Now included in the (WAY TOO CHEAP) $2 rules bundle along with the eight pages of core rules, combat round & phases tracker, and character sheet:


Now available on The Devil’s Brand page on!

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