Eight Pregen Characters for Hexingtide 0.2

With the recent release of Hexingtide’s second public playtest, I pulled the first playtest release of pregen characters. I felt like I could do better, creatively speaking, in additional to the mechanical reworking each character needed.

As part of this effort, I commissioned Scottish artist Andy of Lost Haven Art for a series of character portraits in the vein of the Mike Mignola & Darkest Dungeon vibes Hexingtide is working with.

The end result are eight pregen characters for Hexingtide. Some of the favorites from the first round such as the Frankenstein-ish Doughboy, the mummy Djofer, crustacean clawed Aviatrix Evelyn, and the demonic Jezebel St. Germain remain.

Newcomers include the mystery of the levitating Lung, the savage Half-Human Wechuge, little Odd Hob, and the radically reworked zombie Cursed King Cain.

Download the pregen character pack – along with updated character sheets – on Hexingtide’s Itch page today!

Hexingtide Pregen Characters

The Abominable Aviatrix: The dashing pulp heroine slowly being lost to strange mutations
Cursed King Cain: An undying man with the voice – and trumpet – of an angel.
Vizier Djofer: A mystical schemer and usurper awoken after four thousand years
Doughboy: A pastiche of body parts from killed soldiers of the Great War, the Doughboy seeks to reclaim an identity of his own.
Odd Hob: An old sprite torn between the Old World and the New, between serving Humanity or tormenting it
Jezebel St. Germain: A demon in a wizened woman’s skin, on the hunt for the wicked and damned
The Lung: A mysterious figure gifted with powerful telekentic abilities, entombed and enshrouded within an iron lung
Half-Human Wchuge: An Indigenous Tutuni woman transformed into a wintry monster from her people’s myths

Hexingtide Character Sheet Update

To match the latest update to the game (v0.25 as of the time of this writing, August 12th, 2022), I’ve made some slight additions to the character sheet (calling out the new status effect called Passions in both the Perils and Chymoi section).

I’ve also simplified how many versions of the sheet I’m updating. Now just three: one single half-sheet image (seen here), plus two PDFs.

Download the pregen character pack – along with updated character sheets – on Hexingtide’s Itch page today!

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