10mm Pike & Shot, Militia Levy, and irish Skirmishers

Emulating the battles of the pike and shot era has been something of a white whale. I’ve quickly gotten intimidated by – or otherwise disinterested in – the sheer scale of such an undertaking each time I’ve embarked on the idea.

First time in 6mm. Then in 10mm. I last worked on this project during the summer of 2023.

After I stalled out on a recent smaller-footprint, hex-based skirmish project in the era (not posted here – see my Rebels or Beggars Instagram), I’ve come back to this.

Last week’s project was to knock the dust and rust off. Here’s a 100x50mm pike & shot unit, same footprint militia levy, and a 50x50mm unit of Irish skirmishers. Mostly Pendraken with a smattering of old GW Warmaster figures and – for the militia – some Forest Dragon.

One of my longer term* interests is to bring a wargame of a battle from the Dutch Revolt or French Wars of Religion to an SCA event as something of an interactive class on warfare during the pike and shot” era of the 1500s and 1600s.

Lots of units remain to be based and painted, including three monster sized 100x100mm tercios. Oof.

That said, here are some photos. I remain a bad photographer.

100x50mm pike and shot unit. 48 figures. All Pendraken.
100x50mm militia levy unit. Mix of Penraken, Forest Dragon strips, and even an old Warmaster figure or two.
50x50mm Irish skirmishers. Mix of Pendraken figures.

Next up? Two 100x50mm bases of Stradioti and a small 50x50mm base of shot.

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