Hexingtide Google Sheets Character Keeper

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The use of Google Sheets-based “character keepers” has become a popular option for GMs across the TTRPG hobby. What began with online D&D and in various indie spaces has proliferated over the past few years – helped in no small part by the creative folks at The Gauntlet.

For my personal playtests with real world friends, I’ve turned the PDF character sheet into a Powerpoint / Google Slides character sheet (see here). But, having all your party’s information accessible in a single screen has some advantages. 

Make a copy of the Hexingtide Character Keeper for your own use (or review!) here.

Here’s what this initial version looks like:

For the Player Characters’ Party

There’s space for six PCs – the personal outer limit of party sizes that I will run a game with (and even then, I like to stick with four or five if I can avoid it).

  • Every part of the character sheet has a place on the keeper, expect for a portrait (and that may change).
  • Chymoi (the quasi elemental + magical system) strengths and weaknesses are automated, so no need to stress looking that up.
  • Bonuses, Banes, and Bonds all auto-calculate XP expenditure.
  • At the very bottom, there’s also the post-session XP questionnaire to calculate experience gains.

For GM Management of Scenes, Enemies, and Challenges

In Hexingtide, the same three pillars that make up a player character – Bonuses, looming Banes, and humanizing Bonds – are used to flesh out scenes and environments without the need to add lots of new rules or conditions.

If you’re drawing parallels with the Fate Fractal, you wouldn’t be amiss in guessing my inspiration.

Here we have a sheet for GMs to manage them, along with specific cards for enemies or other challenges, with this as an example:

If you use it, tell me what you think!

Click for the Hexingtide Character Keeper (on Google Sheets, make a copy for your use):

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