Pregen PCs & Quick Reference Sheets for Long XVIth

Early alpha playtesting with friends continues for Long XVIth, and I hope to release a public playtest in October or November. As work towards that end continues (and while there’s not a full rules reference to share), I’m happy to be able to post the pregen characters and reference sheets I’m sharing with my current playtesters.

I hope this will wet your whistle – and give you some high level insights into how the current iteration of the game works and looks, along with the (somewhat deprecated) Long XVIth character creation rules from a few weeks back.

Long XVIth Pregen Player Characters

Profession. Temperament. Social Class. The factional Entanglement. Here are six pregen player characters – one for all six professions (the rough analogue to D&D / OSR classes).

Click here to download the pregen character pack (v01) as a PDF.

Commoner Scoundrel
Yeoman Soldier (modelled after Kenau Simonsdochter Hasselaer, the heroine of the Siege of Haarlem)
Burgher Minstrel
Foreign Factor (a type of road agent merchant)
Noble Chaplain
Burgher Doctor

Long XVIth Quick Reference Sheets

Action Rolls (a 1-3d10, risk vs. reward dice pool), Reaction Rolls (analogous to OSR saves), and Conditions (narrative damage, status, and environmental trackers) form the core of the gameplay loop.

Here is a double-sided handout that, along with a character sheet overview, provides a step-by-step flowchart for that gameplay for playtesters.

Click here to download the quick references sheets (v01) as a PDF.

Would love your feedback!

(And oh yes, the fonts and typefaces are different. I’m still very much trying to find the “right” combination.)

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