Grizzly Camp Terrain

The fourth playtest of 15XX introduces an overhauled terrain system that includes rules for grizzly “macabre remains” littering the scene of the encounter. I’ve been playtesting this terrain type using casualty markers, but spent a few nights building a dedicated terrain piece.

I’m not including these rules for the sake of gore, or to be grimdark, or to glorify violence. Rather, the intent twofold.

One, it reflects the historical reality of this era: that a lot of the raids and skirmishes were happening right in the midst of atrocities and tragedies that could unsettle those not hardened by the “miseries and misfortunes” of war and the violence endemic to these actions.

Two, it allows me to introduce some additional twists to terrain beyond “hey, can you see these guys?”

The Grizzly Remains of an Unfortunate Camp

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Work in Progress Photos

15XX is a narrative skirmish rule set for the “pike and shot” Renaissance era of 1477-1651. If you’re interested in checking out the rules, I’m looking for playtesters. Fill out the 15XX playtest signup form here!

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