Updated Apocalympus Character Sheets

The past months have been full of Very Serious Things. Obligations and personal projects that have a weight of Getting It Right:

  • Settling my mom’s estate after she passed in February (PS: grief & probate is not a fun combo)
  • Getting 15XX revised and into its fourth playtest
  • Ongoing Renaissance Netherlands history nerd shit

My brain about to explode, I needed a distraction. Apocalympus, that deliberately absurdist, gonzo fantasy RPG microlite I’d been tinkering with in 2020 was just what I needed.

I had some ideas on what I needed to tweak and add based off the sessions I had run last year, and what better place to play with those concepts than updating the character sheet?

So, there I flung myself: into the joy of a creative design distraction.

What’s Changed?

The most obvious update is that the character sheet has grown from a half page to a full page (8.5″ x 11″ American sizing). This is to give some of the content more visual room “to breathe” – and to account for the new luck and ghost mechanics (which I’m pumped about – more details later).

And, oh, of course a place to sketch a picture of your plucky, probably-doomed PC.

How It Looks In Action

Here is a side-by-side look at the character sheet in the two phases of an adventurer’s “career” – alive and… not so much. The character sheet is designed to track – and divide – those two phases.

  • At character creation, you fill out the top two-thirds of the sheet: name, vice, quasi-randomly-determined race, class, and boon, and your primary seven stats (Smash and Shoot, etc.).
  • Along the way, your PC will obviously start to fill up their HP tracks (Close Calls, etc.) pick up a mutation or – gods forbid – even two, and push their luck.
  • In the time-honored tradition of OSR games, your PC will eventually do something dumb and die. But death is not the end in Apocalympus!
  • Players then move to the bottom third of their character sheet, roll up a ghostly version of their PC with different, slightly abbreviated mechanics, and then may accompany the party for the remainder of the adventure.
The top two-thirds provide character details and those stats they will rely on while still breathing Oxygen and making bad life decisions.
But once their luck runs out (literally), gameplay continues with a slightly different set of stats: the PC’s ghost now goes with the party to complete whatever scoundrel-like deeds they have in mind.

My design goal with this update is – in addition to accounting for the luck and ghost mechanics – give the sheet plenty of visual breathing room and make the division between the two gameplay “phases” clear.

I think with minimal explanation from the GM, i.e. myself, that should be straight forward.

Download the Latest Character Sheet

Grab your copy as a PDF here – or in PNG image format here.

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