Art Deco Robot Cult WIP

My gaming focus has been largely with developing and playtesting the Renaissance skirmish rules over the past few months, but with the faintest glimmers of light appearing at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel – and the hope that organizing gaming might return in time, I’ve circled back to a Frostgrave warband that’s been sitting primed and abandoned since the fall.

The concept is simple: art deco styled magitech robots given sentience through some wizardry… along with a few human believers. I haven’t worked out much lore beyond that, but I’m digging the aesthetic.

Most of the time I’m fine being a slapdash, tabletop standard painter, but I want to take my time with these guys. Here’s a few update pics:

The Inevitable Problem

The acrylic flight stand on the floating Eminent Configurator Orion (a Warmachine figure I’m using as the warband’s wizard – and the cult’s high prophet) broke when the figure tipped over.


Any ideas on how to repair that? I’m thinking drill out the snapped off part? Go from there?

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