The Robot Cult Takes Shape

When I saw the three-legged spindle drones from 40k’s Blackstone Fortress set, I knew I had to create a cool science fantasy styled warband for Frostgrave using them as my “hounds.” In finding Warmachine’s art deco-themed Convergence of Cyriss faction, I knew I had my wizard and other figures.

I had begun to purchase and convert some of these miniatures this spring before the severity of the pandemic became apparent. When the world shut down, I put what I had of this warband in a box until the past few days.

For my robot cult, it’s a mix of manufacturers with all models getting at least some conversions – a few pretty significantly:

  • Retro robot archers are from Hydra Miniatures
  • Floating wizard and the two female robots (with claws and the axe) are Warhamchine Convergence of Cryriss
  • Three-legged “hounds” are from 40k Blackstone Fortress, as is the electro-priest looking guy with the open tome
  • The “houndsman” is a Reaper base
  • The other, hooded human figure is from Scibor

These ended up being significantly larger than the other minis in the other warbands – but I’m not helped by using dwarves and small ragdolls in those contexts, either.

I finished priming these this morning and gave them a quick base wash for contrast.

The full warband, primed and given a quick wash.

Some additional close ups follow here.

Like I said, I’m still getting the hang of conversions with green stuff, pinning, etc. But they look okay enough from tabletop distance.

L to R: treasure hunter or other utlity soldier, a crossbowman, and an archer or marksman

Blackstone Fortress “hounds” and their houndsman, likely classed as a Ranger

The sisters – the big heavies. Uncertain as to classes, yet.

And lastly, the central Wizard, the Apprentice (ala human apostle) to the right, and scribe (vis-a-vis a Thug) to the left.