Good Bois

The 54mm New France project is slowly moving forward, now with the fine addition of these two Good Bois I purchased in an upscaled size from Cliff at TableTopTradesman on Etsy.

They should be an interesting addition to the French marines, the woods-runners, and the Osage.

Painting is slowly getting started, particularly on the French. And let me tell you, I’m discovering more and more how oddly cast these Armies in Plastic figures are. There are big, blocky areas that should have been voids on about half the stances. I tried cutting and trimming on one miniature, but the plastic makes a hard go of it. Very rough, ragged edges are left.

But I can’t complain for the price I paid! What a bargain! Let’s hope they hold up at tabletop distance. I’m sure they will.

But the dogs? Resin 3D printed and upscaled to 170%. They look great!

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