Small 15mm Terrain Update

Most of my gaming efforts since Thanksgiving have been focused on writing and testing rules for 15XX (which has now gone into closed playtesting – via online playtesters, thanks to COVID-19). I’ve got enough figures based to play around with multiple types of Parties in the game.

But the terrain? I based and primed what I had, finally, a few months ago. It’s been sitting like a blank slate ever since. So the past few nights I decided it was time to do a couple of the smaller pieces… and make some elevations along the way.

All this terrain is based in some version of a 4″ grid to make it easy to use with the grid-based rules I’m developing. Likewise, it’s keeping the autumnal color scheme I’ve established. The detail of the painting itself is non existent.

In the future, when I don’t have a full table of different terrain types to eventually get done, I may take greater care with individual pieces of terrain or dioramas. Not now. This is all very much a slap-dash, get it done fast type of painting.


As much as I’m a newbie to building terrain, I remain a newbie in trying to photograph it – and my minis. Caveat emptor.

How I Built It

Nothing groundbreaking here.

Trees are all from commercial model suppliers. Most of the terrain pieces are 3D prints I’ve picked up along the way. Everything is based on epvc sheet cut and (usually) bevelled to the grid size I am working with.

Ground texture is aquarium gravel over a layer of PVA (e.g. Elmer’s glue), then fixed in place with a 2:1 mix of cheap-o Acryllic paint and PVA. All the subsequent painting , drybrushing, and shading is very fast and loose. Getting this done was the goal. Getting it done really well was not – as you can see by the bits of primer and paint in the trees.

The good thing? It’s done.

And now I can get back to my woeful attempt at modular river sections.

I should have more info on that soon.

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