Strongpoint Terrain and Casualty Markers

Work’s been continuing on my Renaissance / Pike and Shot skirmish rules! There’s been the rules (and a name), but here are some quick updates on the miniatures side.


While I don’t play Age of Sigmar or Warmahordes, I’ve been inspired how they give rules and mechanics to pieces of terrain. I’m taking that point of reference into this project with a unit option I’m calling “Strongpoints” – small, skirmish-setting plausible pieces of terrain that a Player can select in lieu of troops.

Here we have an example of a supply point, holy ground, and a redoubt. There’s likely to be some manner of executions or torture site as a forth option.

There’s likely to be a fair bit of playtesting needed to ensure taking a strongpoint is just as viable a choice as taking troops, but I love the idea of getting to do more diorama style modelling as part of your small warband.

Casualty Markers

As the rules have been developing, I’ve come back around to the use of Casualty Markers instead of tracking wounds on a roster sheet or with dice or tokens.

So here are my first ever attempts at that sort of thing. They were painted very slapdash in the lead up to Christmas, but will suffice.

And yeah, there’s a jester in there getting blown back. I’ve had no use for that figure as it came in a larger townsfolk pack, so yeah, why not make him a casualty marker?

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