Giving the 15mm Skirmish Project a Name: 15XX

Work’s been continuing on the skirmish project in the midst of Covid-enforced social distancing. In addition to terrain and some more work painting and basing figures, I’ve circled back to the rules in the last few weeks.

I’ll be having my first playtest game since the pandemic restrictions came about in force earlier this year. That gap in time has given me a fresh set of eyes to the rules and tinkering on what’s not up to snuff.

The good news is I think the core gameplay loop works, and I’m very excited about how the initial fog of war and deployment mini game has played in my solo walkthroughs. The campaign and advancement rules, however, are still very much in flight. The focus is on the “warband,” or party, as a whole, rather than individual characters, and I want the progression system to reflect that. I’ve got some ideas in play, but they are very much still in flight.

I’m happy enough with where the rules are to give it a name and prepare to go more broad with my playtest.

15XX: Narrative Skirmish Rules Inspired by the Pike & Shot Renaissance Era

I’ve cobbled together a rough video introduction of the project. You may prefer to listen and watch rather than read:

In summary:

  • Fighting the small-scale raids, skirmishes, and sallies that ravaged the European countryside between the Burgundian Wars (c. 1474) to the ECW / TYW (c. 1651)and even the years following, before the widespread adoption of the plug bayonet
  • Narrative and role-playing mechanics which are less prevalent in historical wargaming
  • Warbands are approximately 10-30 models multibased on 4-12 bases
  • Scale agnostic but being designed and playtested with 15mm figures on 1.5″ round bases for a 2×3′ board with a 4″ grid

Looking for Playtesters!

My playtest efforts have been limited due to the pandemic. But, depending on how the playtest over the holiday goes, I’m looking to get wider playtest and review feedback from other gamers online in January.

If you’re interested, please get in touch!

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