Two Playtest Warbands Complete!

I’ve reached a small milestone in my 15mm skirmish project: I’ve completed enough troops types for two warbands! Were the world back to normal, this means I could do playtesting with actual figures, but… that’s still not likely to be happening for a good long while.

Here are photos of all the units I’ve based and painted so far, starting with some vignettes from the table showcasing a plausible in-game shot.

Both my 15mm painting and photography have a long ways to go.

Villagers come to the defense of their homes as a raiding party, part of a larger army pillaging through the countryside, comes to lay waste to their homes.

Individual Troop Types

These don’t represent all the possible unit types in the rules. There are a pair of “charging horse” units I have being painted by a much more capable mini painter right now, for example.

These also don’t represent the weapon or character variants either. As an example here, I have another six figures based as pikemen which will act as another element of “skirmishers,” which contrast against the sword and shield skirmishers I first based.

More will be coming!

Shooting Horse

One base. Can be armed with cavalry pistols, harquebusiers’ carbines, or horse bows/crossbows.

Character (Officer)

One base. Characters may be depicted as an officer, nobleman or woman, or clergy.

Gun & Crew

One base. May be a lighter falconet gun or a field mortar.


Two bases. Can be armed with heavy muskets, lighter arquebuses, or bows/crossbows.


Two bases. Can be armed with polearms, melee weapons (as pictured), or pioneer tools.

Transport (Pack Horses)

Two bases. Can be represented as pack horses (as pictured) or carts & wagons.


Three bases. Can be represented as war dogs or hunting hounds (as pictured).


Three bases. Variations still being worked out.

All Together

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