New Undead Dwarf Conversions

My eclectic band of a Dwarven necromancer and his band of zombies, skeletons, and evil hirelings continues to grow. The number has grown well beyond the figure limit of ten for Frostgrave, but when I see an opportunity for a suitable figure or conversion, I’m picking it up.

(Hey, undead and chaos dwarf types are hard to find, so I have to jump on it!)

Here’s the latest batch I just wrapped up. Rain’s coming in, so I’m having to wait on priming them.

The most recent batch of six.

Figures are an eclectic mix. From left to right:

Front Row:

  1. Mantic Games piece from Dungeon Saga. Hard to source until I found him in a larger pack of ten (?) skeletal undead types. Well, I’ve got extra undead bad guys now, too, but the dwarf was a must-grab. Modified with the standard from the Mantic slavedriver (following), a chaos Warhammer axe, and a Scibor “demon” shield from a sprue set I’m using for all my shield-using figures.
  2. Unknown “Oldhammer,” possibly – equally possible to be a Nineties era D&D figure. I’ve had him for as long, so it was time he finally got put to use! Suitably evil and gnarly looking, so I think he’ll fit in just fine.
  3. Mantic Abyssal Dwarf slavedriver. The head was replaced by one of the awesome, very expressive 3D printed dwarf zombies I’ve picked up from Etsy (that were significantly smaller than my other dwarves). The whip is also a conversion – a bigger Skaven piece than the flimsy one Mantic provided.

Back Row:

  1. Scibor chaos dwarf. I’ve got another mutated, beardless type as well as a larger abomination type, so having an extra one is pretty cool. Spear/javelin arm repositioned and given the Scibor shield.
  2. Another Scibor piece, one of the “moscarls” in their chaos dwarf line. Originally holding two pistols, I’ve given him a suitable nasty looking sword instead.
  3. A Frankensteined-together conversion of two of the aforementioned dwarf zombies to better fit the scale of the other figures. It’s not a great match, BUT I’m admitting it’s going to be an ecclectic bunch at this point, and having a one-hand weapon zombie may work well as a thug type.
The front of my c. 1995 mini that’s been lying around since junior high.
And the back.

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