New 15mm Terrain Pieces In Progress

I had initial plans to paint up another unit this weekend, but a few terrain pieces from Novus Design Studio on eBay arrived, so terrain was the name for the day Sunday.

Or, at least, it was mostly the name for the day. The other name was organization across my larger tabletop chaotic storage situation. Now I have clear plastic containers – with labels! – for all my miniatures: 28mm, 6mm, and 15mm.

Including these fine tubs for the terrain I’m working on. Still need to sort out how I want to double-layer the taller tub and then pad everything, but this will do for now.

WIP Terrain Pieces

As I’ve written before, the Renaissance skirmish rules I’m tinkering on are built around a large grid system similar to Mantic’s Deadzone. Because of that, I’m sizing and basing my terrain pieces to that grid: either taking up the full grid block, multiples, or just half of one.

The primary impulse purchase from Novus was one of their bridges, which looks great and spans the four inch grid very well! Now, this may mean I need to learn to do water features and pour resin, but we’ll see.

This ramshackle bridge may not be crossing any rivers in the near future.

The ruined manor in grey – with the vandalized, headless statues out front – was largely already assembled. I’d completed it back in March or April, then set it aside with the rest of my miniature gaming projects when the pandemic hit. However, I had the low tan walls that made for a great garden wall that came in with the like-colored ruined (and another one I’ve not based yet).

Of note on this pieces is the crossbeam facing the camera – it demarcates the grid line on this 2×1 sized piece of terrain.

The remaining pieces are a full grid forest and enclosure piece and then three half-grid pieces designed for blocking line of sight.

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