Historic, Late 1500s Warband for Frostgrave

My friends know I’m a history geek. A big one.

You can see it in my Renaissance Netherlands history project (with a Facebook page and very recently launched Instagram account), and my would-be 6mm big battle and 15mm multi-base skirmish figures.

So don’t be surprised by what you’re about to read.

If three primed and unpainted fantasy warbands for Frostgrave wasn’t already enough, I placed some far-flung orders a few weeks ago for a (more-or-less) historic warband. The last of the figures (save for one 3D print from Etsy with no real ETA) made it in this week.

So… I guess this happened.

I’ve about 13-14 models total (keeping with the oversized model count approach from my over-active creative mind that’s played out for the other three warbands), but for this warband, I’m just basing ten and calling it good for now.

  • Plague Doctor from a 3D printer on Etsy (the model itself was way oversized, and I had to chop it down a fair bit to be roughly in scale with the others)
  • Priest figure from Warlord Games – this stern fellow will act as my wizard
  • Soldiers from The Assault Group (Imperial Spanish Command)

The friars:

  • The crossbow and blunderbess figures are from West Wind Empire of the Dead
  • The central figure with the crucifix is a Reaper model and will be my apprentice.

And lastly, the morally suspect mercenaries, who are all from The Assault Group.

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