Apocalympus Change Log

If you’re interested in the development of Apocalympus, my streamlined rules for absurdist, gonzo fantasy roleplaying (nerd), then here you go.

But really, this is as much for me as it is for you.

  • Draft 05: Reformatting into a zine-style layout, changing “Flashback” mechanic and description to “Spotlight,” revising certain Boons that are too similar to the Mutations table.
  • Draft 04: Addition of the Mutations effects for the healing of Wounds with random-roll table for those Mutations.
  • Draft 03: Change of HP into the Close Call, Stress, and Wound tracks with Stress needing Vice to be healed/cleared. Addition of various NPC and combat mechanics, including the PbtA reference to turn order. Lots of writing, really.
  • Draft 02: Initial reworking from the FATE hack base into the d10 dice pool, roll under, push your luck mechanics.
  • Draft 01: Legacy FATE hack from c. 2013-15 that had been collected dust as I had moved on from FATE. The deliberately comedic Race, Class, and Boon structure lead to a lot of fun games, so the project was going to be to improve, simplify, and make it easier to understand.