15XX Change Log

The initial concepts for 15XX took shape in the spring of 2020, right as the COVID-19 pandemic shut the world down. The rules have moved into closed playtesting as of January 2021.

Playtest 04

May 2021: Major terrain rules overhaul (clearer, more specific rules). Addition of the Looter Group types and a clean up of Group traits. Buffs to Strongpoints, Birds, and Livestock Groups. Reduction to a smaller footprint in a 6×6 grid with reduced movement (2x2ft in 15mm – sweet!). Addition of artillery-specific firing rules. Clean up and clarification of other misc. rules. Campaign and scenario play is still WIP, so have been temporarily removed from playtest rules.

Playtest 03

December 2020-January 2021: Revised movement / grid rules with (hopefully) more refined focus on area control and denial. The goal is leveraging the small 2’x3′ board size and grid. Group (i.e. units/troops) types much more refined with clear roles. Testing questions include movement into occupied zones and introduction of new Group types.

Playtest 02

Summer 2020: Fleshed out rules and gameplay loop withone (6ft distanced!) playtest game and one gameplay walkthrough with WIP minis. Solo gameplay tests. Campaign/progression concepts introduced.

Playtest 01

Spring 2020: Proof of concept with placeholder troop types and narrative mechanics to gauge interest with immediate personal friends. Initial miniature purchases to proof of concept test.