15mm Pike & Shot Miniatures

As with the majority of historical wargames – particularly from indie designers – 15XX is not likely to provide official miniatures. However, there are a good number of producers of 15mm scale pike and shot miniatures. Here is a list of what I’m familiar with.

15XX aims to apply to the Burgundian Wars (1474-1477) through the English Civil Wars and Thirty Years War (ending in 1651 and 1648, respectively). That’s a roughly 175 year range of various firearms (arquebuses, muskets, and calivers), assorted polearms (halberds, bills, and pike), and plate-armored men (both on foot and on horse) meeting in battle.

In other words, what I would call the pike and shot era.

Within that range, the Great Italian Wars on the early 1500s and the mid-17th century English Civil Wars (ECW) and Thirty Years War (TYW) are the conflicts most frequently modelled in 15mm. However, there are figures appropriate for the Burgundian Wars, often in a “late medieval” range, as well as the various late sixteenth century Wars of Religion. Various figures from the east, the Polish Hussar and more, also show up in various ranges.

A Note on Scale

When it comes to “15mm” scale, it’s important to know there are primarily two interpretations of that size: “true” 15mm scale figures and a larger size that can measure anywhere between 17-18mm. Given that 15XX is a skirmish-sized rule set, and that figures are based three together at most, mixing and matching between different scale “15mm” mini is seen as acceptable to most gamers.

Your results may vary, depending on your level of fastidiousness. 😉

List of 15mm Pike and Shot Producers

This list is in alphabetic order and likely incomplete. If you have producers to add, please contact me.

Blue Moon (via Old Glory)

Demonworld (Ral Partha)

Donnington Miniatures (via Ancient & Modern)

Essex Miniatures

Irregular Miniatures

  • True scale 15mm. One of the older producers of 15mm figures. Some really dislike the quality of their castings. They may lack the dynamism or detail of some others (e.g. Khurasan), but their 1600-1700 and medieval ranges are extensive.
  • http://www.irregularminiatures.co.uk/


Khurasan Miniatures

Old Glory 15s

Peter Pig Miniatures

  • True scale 15mm. All Peter Pig produces is ECW figures, but their range is quite extensive. The Wounded Foot and Dead Foot packs are a good source for 15XX casualty markers. The website is terrible, though.
  • https://www.peterpig.co.uk/the15MILL.html