Will Phillips’ Tabletop Games and Projects

Like a lot of us, I was introduced to tabletop roleplaying games and miniature wargames as a young teenager. It was the early to mid Nineties and this meant Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition and HeroQuest, followed in high school by Warhammer 40,000. Since then, I’ve always kept an eye on the RPG and tabletop scenes, even when I wasn’t actively gaming.

I’ve created this blog to track the many, varied tabletop gaming projects I’ve embarked on – and just as often, stalled out on. Call it the curse of the adult ENFP.

Primary Projects

15XX: Renaissance Skirmish Rules

Narrative skirmish rules inspired by the pike & shot Renaissance era of 1474-1651. This project has grown out of both my interest in the historical period and a desire for a narrative, low-model count skirmish game that doesn’t require a large table to play with. View the 15XX homepage and project post archives.

Haunters: A Rules-Light Monstrous RPG

A rules-light RPG inspired by Mike Mignola’s Hellboy and related characters, the World of Darkness, and other spooky, monstrous, and folklore-inspired sources. A new narrative engine inspired by Whitehack, Monsterhearts, City of Mist, and Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. View the Haunters post archives.

Apocalympus: Absurdist Gonzo Roleplaying

My streamlined rules for absurdist, gonzo fantasy roleplaying. Adapted from an earlier FATE Core hack of mine and redesigned as a creative exercise free from the stringent requirements and pressure I’m putting on myself with my more serious projects. The playtest is now available!

Secondary Projects

Untitled 16th Century RPG

My initial attempt to reskin OSR rules into a historic, no-magic Renaissance context evolved dramatically (and has since stalled out under the weight of my own historical expectations).


Assorted minis, primarily for the popular 28mm scale fantasy skirmish game.

6mm Pike & Shot Armies

A long gestating dream frustrated by scope and lack of interest beyond myself!