New France Terrain Update

Work on my c. 1750 New France & Osage Nation skirmish homage continues. Lots of the focus has been on terrain, lately, but the rules are starting to coalesce as well.

As I’ve been writing them, it’s become clear that they could be broadly applicable to wider European colonial contacts from the late 17th century through the early 19th.

So I’ve given them a working title of “Far from Old Europe” and plan on getting them to a playtest-able state later this year.

No big hurry, as I don’t plan any sort of marketing hustle or push.

But for personal reasons? It will be nice to have a super-lightweight game I can set up and play when even I’m not feeling something as middle-of-the-road as Frostgrave.

With that said, here’s some recent photos.

Table Views

As mentioned, the game is designed to be played on a roughly 18 x 24″ space using a (again, roughly) two-inch hex grid.

Terrain rules are deliberately simple: there’s Rough Ground, Cover, and impassible Obstacles. No elevation changes or deep water here.

Here’s a setup approximating a forest.


I’m still uncertain why some of my Pixel 4 phone photos turn out with this strange, painterly affect, and other’s don’t. That said, my apologies!

Figures to be Painted

I’m working on adding rules for mounted figures to Far From Old Europe just to add to the visual variety. So I’ve picked up a few to paint from AW Minis (the European soldiers) and Warlord Games (the Native).

Along with a few additional figures on foot.

My goal is to have enough options to be able to support four warbands at once with some minor variety. That way I can run two playtests at a single time.

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