28mm New France Project Begins

A year and a half ago I was inspired to take on a New France skirmish project inspired by my Osage heritage and the history of the St. Louis, Missouri area I now call home.

I got started in 54mm, you know, to mix things up.

This was a mistake: storage requirements plus the types of 54mm figures available stalled my interest on the project.

I’ll be selling the 54mm figures, but in the interim have started to acquire the figures needed for the same project in 28mm scale.

Pictured here are the first five miniatures that have arrived for the project, all by Firelock games:

  • Blood & Plunder: Coureurs des Bois (FGD0109 1)
  • Blood & Plunder: Woodland Tribe Commander (FGD0131)

See the following pics on Instagram!

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