15mm Carts & Priest Character

Short update on the 15mm project!

The ability to use larger sized objects and figures such as small cannons was the chief driver of selecting 1.5″ base sizes on my skirmish project. With how nice my pack horses came together, I started to wonder if I could fit a two-wheeled cart on this sized base.

So I placed some orders for single horse wagons from Blue Moon’s Napoleonics range and set about cutting things up. I was able to just barely fit the draft horse and a cut-down and modded “cart” on the base. It may be that the cart’s hardware and the horse harness isn’t absolutely accurate, but it doesn’t look off to my non-horseman’s eye.

Chopping the wagons up and testing the fit on the washer bases.
All primed – looks like a fit!
Both carts with the priest (and torch-bearing penitents!) I finished tonight. These would could as two elements (two base Transport and the single base Character), which in turn could be half of a four element warband.

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