Witching Trolls All Assembled, Based, Primed, and Washed

Most of the models for my dark fairy tale inspired witching trolls came from US sources, but I picked up some of the excellent teddy bear models from Northumbrian Tin Soldier and a lovely “forest troll” from North Star figures – both from the UK.

These final two models made it in, and now I’ve got a complete warband!

Painting will still be a ways off, as I’d (theoretically) like to get to my dwarves first, and those are going to come after my 6mm tercio. But, hey! At least I’ve got them ready to go when that time comes.

Ma Grendel and her boys. L to R: Wyrd Games, Reaper, North Star / Artisan Designs

The Teddy Bears. Left: West Wind Empire of the Dead, Small Bears: Northumbrian Tin Soldier. Large Bear in Back: Wyrd Games
The Burlap Rag Dolls. Three are Reaper, the central figure from Wyrd, and the rear is a third party Blood Bowel figure whose maker I don’t recall.
The gang all together, doing the bidding of the witching trolls as they descend upon Felstad.

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