The Witching Trolls Come to Life

In considering the creative and conversion gold mine that Frostgrave represented, my mind kicked kicked into high gear, putting together a dozen different ideas for interesting warbands. No basic human adventurers for me, personally.

I knew undead spooky dwarves had to be one, and the art deco retro-future robots were another.

But then another idea really started to flesh itself out.

A family of witchy trolls from pages of old folklore have bound the spiteful souls of wicked boys and girls to monstrous teddy bears and burlap ragdolls. Now they step into the snowy ruins of Felstad, ready to claim its hoary magics for themselves.

Witching Trolls Warband Concept

I’ve ordered a number of models and have begun priming and basing those that have made it in – a mix of Reaper and Wyrd’s Malifaux figures – with the teddy bears from Northumberland Tin Soldier on the way: