First Units Painted & Based!

Took two hours Sunday evening to see if I could get approx. 30 minis (a combination of musketeers and pikemen) painted. Using basic batch painting methods and a fairly simple approach of big, blocked colors and a wash, I was able to do just that!

It may not look fancy, but for the size of 6mm, they come out looking just fine from the distance you’ll be looking at them from the table.

Last night, I was able to get the units based! I now have actual based and playable minis to serve as a proof of concept for my historical 6mm gaming dreams.

I used aquarium sand substrate in the smallest diameter I could find locally as the base. I painted that (or most of it, at least) in green, then flocked with the Woodland Scenics Blended Turf. I topped the bases off with The Army Painter rocks and grass.

This is my first time actually flocking and basing minis, much less at this scale, so I welcome the feedback.

Medium-Sized Pike & Shot Foot Unit

I ran shot on my musketeers, but must admit I was feeling antsy to try out basing. So these lads are a bit short-handed. Future units won’t be.

Small-Sized Horse Unit (Reiters or Pistol-Armed Gendarmes)

What’s Next?

I don’t have enough painted minis left on my sticks to base another unit. In preparation, I’ve primed the bottoms of a few more bases (I don’t think this thick hardboard will warp, but better to be careful).

I’ll be assembling a few units I know I’ll be putting to use (e.g. a large tercio, a great mass of mounted harquebusiers, another pike and shot regimental unit, etc.) next.

What’s really important for now is to return to the rules. I’ve a couple of concepts I’m mulling over for making the game easier to pick up and faster to play that I need to work out.

A troop of Walloon charges toward a regiment of Dutch rebels armed with pike and musket.