Initial Paints of Microworld Renaissance 6mm Horse and Foot

Initial painting efforts have begun on the the first order from Microworld’s 6mm Renaissance line. I’m impressed at the level of detail the sculptor and caster have managed to capture at such a small size. They are hardly the grains of rice or indistinguishable blobs some commentators allege them to be!

Three Gendarmes Sidearm on the left, and two Reiter Cavalry to the right
A collection of Spanish Pikemen.

I won’t have the opportunity to do much painting over the next week, but the goal is to try to get through the figures I have primed over the next month so I can move onto a few test bases.

This may be ambitious. There are approx. 140 minis glued onto sticks, primed, and ready for paint. Trouble is, I’m lacking a lot of wargaming time at the moment!

Mixture of Microworld and Baccus glued to 1/2in sticks and primed brown.
Overhead shot of all ten painting sticks in the storage box.