First 6mm Orders Have Arrived!

I’ve been slowly (slooowly) developing my own set of pike and shot era rules over the last two years. During that time, I’ve been playtesting exclusively with paper proxies I designed.

I’ve reached a point where I’m confident enough in some of the fundamental design choices such as base sizes to make my initial mini purchases. Plus… after all this time, I simply wanted to see actual figures formed up rather than their flat paper counterparts.

Contents of My First Order

I’ve placed orders from Microworld, Baccus 6mm, and Perfect Six for a relatively “small” initial order. Microworld – being here in the States as I am – got my order shipped out incredibly fast. Baccus took a few weeks, and Perfect Six a few weeks longer still.

However, all three orders have finally arrived.

What did I get?

Microworld Games

From Their Renaissance Line:

  • 1x Spanish Arquebusiers
  • 1x Landsknecht Arquebusier
  • 1x Spanish Pikemen
  • 1x Gendarmes Sidearm
  • 1x Reiter Cavalry

Baccus 6mm

From Their Wars of the European Crisis (ECW and TYW) Line:

  • 1 x WEC01 – Armoured Pikemen, Advance (CP)
  • 1 x WEC08 – Musketeers, Shoulder, Helmet
  • 1 x WEC12 – Musketeers, Firing, Helmet
  • 1 x WEC18 – Cuirassiers
  • 1 x WEC20 – Battalion Guns and crew
  • 1 x WEC21 – WEC21 – WEC Saker and Crew
  • 1 x WEC22 – Siege Guns and crew
  • 1 x WEC23 – Mortars and crew

Perfect Six

From Their Battlefield Scenics Line:

  • 3x Black powder civilians
  • 1x cannonball stacks
  • 2x Barricade 20mm
  • 2x Barricade 30mm
  • 2x Gabions
  • 2x Log Barricades


The question of base sizes was generally settled pretty early on in playtesting in favor of big bases to allow for both diorama-style settings and the mass effect 6mm does so well.

I picked up a bunch of the three size of bases I’ll be using from Joerg at Things From The Basement a long time before I felt comfortable pulling the trigger on the miniatures. Now, these look like they may finally see some use!