6mm Inspirations #1

As part of this project, I’ll be collecting and sharing awe-inspiring and relevant photos of the work other gamers have done in 6mm scale.

Yes, my focus will be on other pike and shot era minis and armies, but there’s a lot of cool work being done with the still-going 6mm Epic community, too. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

From Nicholas Downing via one of the two 6mm wargaming groups.
Another angle of Nicholas’ great looking tercios!
A nice looking ECW or TYW unit from Robert Hollow. Figures are Baccus. Also from the Facebook groups.
Another angle of Rober’s 17th century unit.
Nice pair of Napoleonic-era units for Blucher. Attribution lost.
Austro-Hungarian army from sometime during the horse and musket era. Attribution lost.
Overall picture of my Death Korps Of Krieg army for Epic Armageddon - December 2014
Vénérable Zaïus jaw-dropping French WWI-inspired Death Korps of Krieg army for Epic. Do yourself a favor and go look at his project page.
Death Riders Company - 300 points
A close up of Vénérable Zaïus’ Krieg cavalry.

I’ve attempted to give attribution to the images I have names and/or links for, but to be honest, I’ve saved some 6mm photos I’ve seen since becoming interested in small scale wargaming a few years back and cannot tell you where some of them come from.

If you do – or if they your own pics or minis – please let me know. Nice work.