Apocalympus: Absurd, Gonzo Fantasy

Looking for heroism, pathos, and dramatic moments of saving the world? This ain't it. A micro RPG of dumb moments to share with your equally-dumb friends.

Need a break from a Very Serious game? Want permission to be over the top and have a laugh? Need easy to jump into rules?

I have all the aspirations in the world for sober-minded, earnest, epic campaigns of character camaraderie, pathos, and heroism. It just… rarely happens. If you’re busy like me, when your friends want to scratch that tabletop RPG itch, it quickly veers off course into gags and jokes.

And that’s okay.

Do you want a PC who is a Stage Magician Con Artist or a Crippled Street Urchin with a Heart of Gold? Player races that include a Tiny Dragon the Size of a Pony? The chance to use a Half-Price Used Flying Carpet? Then these may be the rules for you.

  • Rules designed for an 8.5×11 sized zine
  • Ridiculous tone-setting character stats, classes, and races
  • Mechanics that reward over-the-top risk vs. reward gambles
  • d10 roll under dice pool (but.. a small dice pool) with easy math
  • Hilarious, narrative character health and healing mechanics

Streamlined Rules for Absurdist, Gonzo Fantasy Roleplaying

Download the Latest Playtest

Rules still represent a draft, but hey – these are not serious rules or intended for any serious commercial output. Interested? Check ’em out, have fun, and let me know what you think.